What is a name?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What is in a name by which we call a rose?
Or would any another name smell as sweet,
-William Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet

I followed my cousin Mariel's blog and visited a website where you can find the meaning of your name. And guess what?! My name is supposedly for a MALE! Oh well, nibagay ra man pud... :)
Below is the meaning of my first and second name

Gender: Male
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Help 5Th Century Bc Jewish Priest And Scholar Ezra Wrote Three Biblical Books And Began Compiling And Cataloging The Hebrew Scriptures That Later Formed The Old Testament


Sorry . . .

We have no
on this name.

Ha?! Now where in the world did my parents get my name??!

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