I'm Baaaaaack!

Friday, January 4, 2008

So I already have my F*ed up lappy...it's working fine...yeah it is... EXCEPT ALL MY FILES ARE GONE?! hummphhh I'm really grateful I stored some of my files on Picasa...at least naa pa gyud ko'y mga copy...and some of it are on a cd...hmmmphhh serves me right for not making back ups of my files...

The good thing tho...is that all the files on drive D (errmmm ilang gi-ilisan ug drive E akong drive D!) is that all of them are intact...so yay me! ang nabilin na lang kay akong mga mp3!

So now, here I am now blogging away like there's no tomorrow and I still have books to read and a wedding to plan! Plus I have school on Monday! Oh, and did I mention that all our research files are gone????!!!!

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