The Scary Chair

Friday, May 16, 2008

I hate going to the dentist, don't you? It's like preparing yourself for the executioner! Like putting yourself up onto the block! The chair itself is what scares me. It looks like a mini torture device designed to lure you in with false pretenses! I know I'm being overly dramatic but the whir of the machine right by my ear drives me nuts! It just sound like someone is drilling holes in my head! Hmmm, it's a good thing I haven't seen a craniotomy operation. That would really freak me out. Sure, I just graduated Nursing but I haven't assisted in a craniotomy procedure yet.
I had to visit the dentist yesterday. It was pretty scary, I admit. There wasn't anything wrong with my pearly whites, though. It was just for my regular cleaning session. Thankfully I didn't have cavities and dental carries! Just a little plaque accumulation that was cleaned in no time! I hate the dentist but the end results are great!

1 deranged screams:

aeirin May 18, 2008 at 1:13 AM  

At first. I was afraid going to dentist especially when I hear the whir of the machine. Good thing my cousin became a dentist. it makes a lot difference.. There is an assurance that there will be no execution... hahaha