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Saturday, July 5, 2008

We all know that with the advent of technology, a lot of people seem to find love on the Internet. You got that right, the Internet. Sure, we've heard a lot of "happily ever afters" about online dating but I have noticed that we tend to block out the evil aspect of it. I know, I know, I'm bursting your bubble, but hey, these are the facts. A lot of people lie to you in person, right? How much more on the Internet where you can be anything you want to be? And I mean anything.
I used to watch a MSNBC show To Catch a Predator and the facts are horrifying! To Catch a Predator is a hidden camera investigation where the group pretends to be a teen, either male or female, and try see if there would be predators who would fall victim to this ruse and expose themselves. A lot of men actually showed up at the "meet up" house. Creepy, if you ask me.
At this point, kids and teens are the usual victims. Check out all the social sites out there, like MySpace, Friendster, and Multiply, for example. There is a lot of potential here for the predators.
Check out this conversation from dNeero and tell me what you think.

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