Writer's Block?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Writer's block? Oh please! It's just one way of saying that "I haven't had time yet to write!"
I've been soooo preoccupied with the game I've been playing on the PS2 console that I've totally forgot about blogging! :( Oh well, if you must know, I've been playing Dark Chronicle on the PS2 console for well over a week now and I'm totally enjoying it! (ha! it beats studying though...eeerrmmm but I did study.....some)

Anyway, there will be more info about this game once I've finished playing it - I'm still in Chapter 7! Well, I'm almost done now - one more chapter to go and I've conquered it!

I've finished watching One Tree Hill Season 4 Episodes 14 & 15, though but I haven't gotten around to blogging in my OTH blog. I've also finished watching Heroes Episode 17 Company Man and I also finished downloading Heroes Episode 18 but I'm still waiting around for my boo to come over and watch it with me...hehehehe okay I promised him that I'll watch it with him even though I've been dying to know what happens next...will Mr. Bennet die or.... ahh! Now I'm giving the plot away! Well, if you guys are really interrested then just wait around for my Heroes blog to be updated which would be right about mid-next week...
It's 1am now and time to hit the sack! G'nyt!

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