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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Whew! It has been a busy week for me! First, I had to juggle two major classes with exams for two days straight plus a long exam and a quiz just this afternoon! And I should not forget that I am still learning how to make my own site using html (and this is pretty confusing for me since I have no background in webdesign). I've tried a few things though but I still can't get the part where the posts are supposed to appear right. Oh well, I have been using trial and error so hopefully they will work this time. In spite of my really, really busy week (hehehehe I've slept a lot too, so don't forget that), I found time to update parts of all my blogs.

  1. I've updated My OTH and added a new blog. I've also watched both Episodes 14 & 15 but I haven't gotten around to making my comments and what not about it.
  2. I've also updated the links in my Heroes blog.
  3. I did write this entry in this blog so I guess this is update too.

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