Monday, April 2, 2007

Do you think that people who have passed on to the afterlife contact the living through dreams? To bring good news, bad news, or sometimes to show their appreciation to the current goings on in a living persons' life? And for that matter, do you believe that the people who have passed away have another life in the afterlife? No pun intended. I am not saying that I don't believe in the afterlife but neither am I also saying that I believe it. I mean, this issue is way too complicated for someone like me, who has absolutely no current interest in what happens to people in the afterlife.

Anyway, I'm blabbing about this tonight because I have felt someone from the afterlife reach out to me - through my dreams. Go psychic! Hahahahaha.... Okay, I'm not admitting that I can see the future and all of the "That's So Raven" crap but I have experienced situations wherein I saw someone from the afterlife in my dreams. Alright, I'll admit it. It's not someone but my grandmother who passed away 2 years ago, three days after my 21st birthday. We were not very close in my early years but as I got older, we kind of bonded. Anyway, she died 2 years ago of "idon'twanttomentionthephysician'smedicaldiagnosis" of her death because it was all a load of crap! Damn physicians! After she was buried, I left P'nas and went to the US for about a year and then I came back home last February '06 to finish school.

Fast forward to December '06. It's a tradition for our family to decorate the house. Well, at the insistence of Lola, we had to decorate the house even though the clean-up was pretty exhausting. That year, I decided not to decorate. I mean, who was there to appreciate the decorations and such. Being the slob that I am, I opted for the easy way out - no to decorations. My boo insisted that I should decorate and volunteered himself to help me. Since he wouldn't take no for an answer, I reluctantly said yes. I had to check the cupboard under the stairs (OMG! This is so Harry Potter!) and get all the Christmas stuff cleaned and dusted. A few nights before we were supposed to start decorating, I dreamed about Lola. In my dream, she was alive and was telling me that she was so happy that we would be decorating the house and in my dream, insisted that I should push through with the decoration. When I woke up, the dream was so clear in my mind that I thought for a second it was real! So I had no choice but to decorate the house. I didn't dream about her after that.

Fast forward to last night. I had another dream about her. I couldn't remember the particulars but she was there in my dream talking about my birthday since it's going to be a few days away. She usually cooks Humba on every special occasion - that's her recipe. Yummy! Anyway, as far as I can recall, she kept on insisting that it was time to prepare the china, silverware, and do the groceries for my birthday since I have been putting off going to the supermarket and taking out the china from the cupboards. So now I had to do the groceries this morning but I haven't had time to take out the other necessities. I'll have to wait and see what my dreams will show me tonight. It's almost her second year death anniversary...I think I'll have to pay my respects at the graveyard tomorrow...

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