The Order of the Phoenix

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Damned second rate theaters! With theater seats in the brink of destruction, you just can't beat it! Damned second rate theaters (oh, wait! I said it again!) I miss the theaters in NoHo! The comfort, the ease - totally incomparable! And you know what I REALLY, REALLY HATE? It's those people who bring their own flashlights to find vacant seats! Why? It's because they are so damned inconsiderate that they just flash the light anywhere and they don't consider the people already sitting and watching the film. They don't seem to realize that the light is so bright that it just hurts the eyes! Damned people! Ha! So here I am again, ranting and raving about things that I can't change! It's just that these people have no manners whatsoever! Anyway, despite the (should I say it again?) damned second rate theaters, I actually watched the full length film, Harry Potter ans the Order of the Phoenix and I really have some things to say about the film.
I was really amazed with the cool effects during the fight scene at the ministry BUT! I really hated the whole storyline! There was no CLIMAX at all and I think the fight sequence lacked correct choreography! It is no doubt that the HP movies closer to the book are the 1st and the 2nd one. This movie was really a disappointment. There were certain elements of the book that where left out of the movie. And I would think that those who haven't read the Harry Potter series wouldn't understand what the movie was all about. A FREAKIN' DISAPPOINTMENT, I tell you! I hope the next installment would be better!
For more info check out the official Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix website.

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