How's married life?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"How's married life?" How do you answer that question? Do you tell them that it is great? I mean, of coourse it is great but what do they expect that I would answer? Well, to those people who are really, and I mean, really, curious about my married life (blush), I am going to answer your question as best, and as truthfully as I can. (breathe in) Here goes!

  • The Honeymoon: Usually, the honeymoon happens right after the wedding! Of course, the day after our wedding, I had to go to school and take the comprehensive exam and prepare for the intensive practicum which is still underway. We still don't have any formal honeymoon yet but I hope that we'll have one soon!
  • The Endearment: No it's not honey, sweetheart, or dear, or langga! We call each other boss! Ever wonder why? It really started out as a joke and then after a few weeks of banter (inspired) we started calling each other boss. It's pretty unique, I think!
  • Living Together: There's nothing different, I guess since he usually spends most of his time here. I guess I'm still adjusting to having someone beside me at night (blush blush!)
  • Pet Peeves: Of course our marriage isn't a bed of roses. We do have our thorny sides to take into consideration. What really irks me a lot is his mercurial moods (I've already worked around this one though!), not to mention the stink bombs he throws here and there (Ugh)!
  • Kiddies: No, we're not planning to have them ASAP and no, I'm not pregnant! Babies would be nice but not at this moment. A year or so would suffice. I think it's very important for both of us to adjust to each other and not complicate it by having a baby right now (secretly, I would love to have a baby!).
  • Wifely Duties: I'm an only child and I am used to thinking about my own self. Now, however, I need to think about him, too. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus should be planned a few days before and the groceries and food stocks must also be monitored. Although he helps me with the groceries and such, it is still my job make sure that we still have the basic necessities available. Keeping the laundry and newly ironed clothes in order is also one of my responsibilities.
  • Home Maintenance: Now, I do know minor home repairs and such but that is his forte and not mine! Changing lights, minor carpentry, and mechanics are his responsibilities. Whenever things need fixing, he's the man to call so I have know problems in this area.
  • Computer/Internet Usage: No fights here! He programmed both our lappys to be in synch and both of us can now use the internet together...wifi, if you will. Since both of us have lappys, we don't fight over its usage and what not. Since I'm the internet addict, I'm usually the one online and he doesn't mind.
  • Other Gadgets: We do share our gadgets except for the cellphone, however since each of us have our own. We work some sort of a schedule, though and take turns using these gadgets. We squabble sometimes, but it's nothing that can't be managed.
  • TV Usage: We do fight over the TV! Sure, we have 3 but we still fight over the one in our room! I don't mind most of the time since we both watch the same shows and I'm mostly online however, there are still some shows that I do love to watch that he doesn't watch so I just ask nicely (pretty please with sugar on top?!).
  • Friends/Barkada: I really don't mind if he's with his friends. Both of us have a different circle of friends and getting married didn't dissolve these friendships. We still hang out with each of our friends separately and both of us understand that our peers are also important to us.
Our married life so far has been pretty much typical of what married life should be. We do have our fights and disagreements but we're pretty much handling them like married couples should. Our life is not perfect, but to me, nothing could be better than this!

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Tamahome No Miko May 9, 2008 at 9:15 AM  

Neat... I can kind of relate but I guess yours is better ^^ I got in laws probs and a lot of issues with hub as well cause we're so very very different and he's lie the typical 'man' so it's like a really bossy and humiliating manner... sigh I'm happy for you ^_^ may you always have such a great life ^_^

Z'riz May 9, 2008 at 5:23 PM  

hmmm thanks! i guess i do get along well with my's my parents that's a problem, though....