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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today marks our second wedding monthsary! Well, I just had to share this with you today because we remembered! It was really funny that we forgot our first monthsary. He was busy with work and I was really busy with intensive practicum after graduation.
Aww, what a way to start our life together, huh? This occasion (although it's not really a major occasion) is something new to us. In our 6 years of being together as boyfriend and girlfriend, we never celebrated our anniversary or monthsary or whatever it is they call it. If you ask us, we could never answer you the exact date when we became a couple! It was just one of those relationships where the couple starts out as friends and before they know it, the lines become blurred and they wouldn't know when their real relationship started.
As I look back at us, it was really best that we started out that way. In a sense, our relationship was put into a test, well, sort of. We had our share of "remember I'm not your bf" and "remember I'm not your gf" phase when one of us gets jealous or when we're in a middle of a fight. At that time, it really hurt me but we got through it all. I'm sure he also felt the same.
At the time that we met, we were both in fading relationships. I had questions of my own and he also had the same. It would be downright rude to go into the details so I will just leave it at that.
I would say that we were both happy to find each other at the exact time where both of us needed somebody. I was there through his problems and he was there through mine. We helped each other go through serious issues and uncertainty and we survived.

Cor vincit omnia.

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