Easy Solution for Black Friday 08!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I was browsing around the net as what I am always wont to do when this website caught my eye: Black-Friday.net.
What is Black Friday? Well, in the US, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where all the stores are having major discounts and sales on all of their products! These stores give out in-store ads for great deals that last the whole day!
Unfortunately, these ads won’t be released until they are delivered at your doorstep on Thanksgiving! How cruel is that? Fortunately, Black-Friday.net has the answer! They showcase all the ads for Black Friday waaay before the said date! Amazing isn’t it? They give you direct links to stores and the products or items that you want just with the click of a button. No more waiting in line, that’s for sure!
I have actually experienced the Black Friday sale while I was there in ’06. Believe me, it was a riot! People were standing in line at midnight just so they could be there when the stores open for the Black Friday sale. Imagine that! Of course, I didn’t stand in line at that time so I wasn’t able to get all the good deals when I arrived at my favorite stores that afternoon. If I had known about Black-Friday.net, it would have made my day – year even! I would have been able to buy all the items that I wanted online on Black Friday without the hustle and bustle and the craziness of the stores.
Luckily, Black-Friday.net has a list of stores and some of them are my favorite stores. They have BestBuy where I get most of my gadgets, Costco where we get some of our groceries and other items in bulk, Disney Store, Home Depot, Macys, Old Navy, Radio Shack, Target, Sears, Tommy Hilfiger, and Walmart. Now, I am well equipped for Black Friday 2008!

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