Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cookchuleta...hmmm that does have a nice ring to it! So, any guesses as to who will win the next American Idol (so we can go on and have another Am Idol try-out)? For sure, David will win! But which David?! Based on their performance last night (which wasn't really good and Simon was full of BS) Archuleta shined. He picked the right songs and I think, topping it off with Imagine was the cherry to his perfect ice cream parfait.
Cook was another story. He sang good but the song choices weren't that great (conspiracy theory?). However, Cook's cover of The World I Know by Collective Soul was pretty good but that was about it. The other songs that he sang where just good.
But what do I know?! I stopped watching the season when Ramielle got kicked out so early in the game. Unfortunately for her, she chose karaoke songs. The songs that old, drunken men sing at Karinderiya's. I don't have illusions that she would win. I mean, she is Filipina for crying out loud! They would never let a Filipina win American Idol now, would they? Even if she is an American citizen, she still looks pinay and I guess that would never do!
But don't fret Pinoys/Pinays there is still Charice Pempengco and some guy (forgot his kill me!) singing the Kung Fu Panda theme song!

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