Honeymoon Plans: OVER!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I was just so excited to plan my second trip, my hubby's first, to Hong Kong this May. Unfortunately, it was canceled. It's a little bit expensive, too due to the summer traffic and a lot of people want to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. It's really nice of Disney to open their park in Hong Kong. It's near the Philippines and it enables Filipinos to go to Disneyland "where you enter the world of tomorrow..." Well, I think that's what Walter Disney said. I took a picture of it at the gats of Disneyland, California when I went there last '06.
It was fun being there for the first time. At first, I was quite hessitant to have my pictures taken with the Disney Princesses, and Pluto, and other characters seing as everyone standing in line where mothers toting their kids or babies! Fortunately, a mom told me that "When you're in Disneyland, everyone is a kid!" Of course that made me ecstatic! I had pictures with Pluto, Buzz, and Jessie! I couldn't find the other characters, though and I was really psyched to go on the rides.
If you're thinking that the rides are scary, they're actually child friendly! Even little kids, or people who are scared of mega-coasters can enjoy the rides! It was fun! We had fun! Ahhhh...
This is why I wanted my hubby to go to Hong Kong so he can experiences the magic that Disneyland brings.
For those who want more thrilling and scary rides, I suggest you visit Disneyland California Adventure. It's jam packed with all the scary rides that are not for the faint hearted. A popular ride is the Tower of Terror ride that plummets you at fast speeds to the bottom. I haven't been there yet but that is next on my agenda! I hate going to these parks without my hubby but unfortunately, he still can't come with. But if he could, I would definitely take him there!

PS: all my pics got trashed when my lappy went ICU. Fortunately, I had them saved in a CD! It's still with my mom, though so more pics will be posted in the future!

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