I'm In Shopping Heaven!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shopping. Need I say more? I'm sure more than 70% of the females love shopping! Be it window shopping, gift shopping, or new wardrobe shopping, or going on shopping sprees, shopping is a woman's paradise!

I have gone on a few shopping sprees myself. Going to outlet malls two hours away with my mom is one of the ways we bond - just us women browsing racks, visiting outlets, checking out the designers, the works. Unfortunately, it does get tiring and costly! What with the steady increase in the gas prices and all, we cannot go shopping on a regular basis anymore.
Luckily, while I was browsing the web, I found a site that answered all my shopping problems! Shopping Heaven at Shopwiki! It's all your fashion needs in one site and at your fingertips in just one click! You can browse through thousands of clothing to your liking. You can even check out their Fashion Trends page to see what is IN in the fashion world or browse all the top designers in their Designers page! It is that easy. Neat isn't it?
For those women who have a hard time finding their sizes, fear not! Shopwiki also has a buying guide for special sizes like petites, talls, maternity clothes, and plus sized women! It doesn't get better than this! You can surf to your hearts content without leaving the comfort of your own home!
It's really hard finding the right size for me, especially when I'm shopping here in the Philippines. I'm a size 12-14, depending on the designer, and in the Philippines, I belong to the plus size category and we really lack plus sized clothing in our malls! Or if they do carry them, you would not want to be caught dead in them! Now that I found Shopwiki, shopping would never be a chore for me! I have already found a few things that I wouldn't want to miss buying! This is one purse from Juicy Couture that I'm really dying to get. Shopwiki. It is indeed my kind of heaven!

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