Consoles: PlayStation 3

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I was so excited when I found out that Square Enix would be releasing my favorite game Final Fantasy XIII. Unfortunately, they would be releasing it in the new PlayStation 3 console. I know they released this console a year or two ago but I still haven't gotten my hands on the new console.
There are new specs for this type of console. One is that the game controller has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. This means less wires and free movement whenever you play. Another thing I love about this new console is that it has cutting edge sci-fi-quality Blu Ray disc drive which enables you to view good quality movies and games.
There is no need to purchase a new batch of PS3 format games since this console can play all PS2 games and by buying an adapter for the memory card, you can use it with this new console.

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