Travels: Plane Ride Uneventful?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I still haven't adjusted to the change of time here. I'm pooped but I still can't sleep that well. I'm not blogging that much, too as I still have this nasty headache due to lack of sleep.
Although I slept on the plane most of the time, I wasn't comfortable. I hate long travel hours but it's something that I have to get accustomed to. I also didn't watch the films on Flights of Fancy. I was looking forward to watching The Spiderwick Chronicles but fell asleep halfway through the movie. I did catch the end of 27 Dresses which I saw a few days before my wedding. It was pretty tiring since I didn't have much sleep the night before. I was also at the airport for almost 6 hours waiting for my 10 PM flight. If only I had someone with me on the flight but I didn't.
There was also a minor problem on the plane ride. An economy class passenger used the restroom of the first class passengers and the flight attendant called his attention. Unfortunately, the flight attendant said something that enraged the passenger to an exchange of words ensued. Ah, the highlight of my flight. It seems that his wife was already using the first class restroom and the flight attendant was trying to get her out or something like that. I didn't catch all the details but the exchange of words left much to be desired. Well, if I was the passenger, I would never get on another Philippine Airlines flight but that's just me. The flight attendant should have known better and addressed the issue more professionally so as not to provoke the passenger.
I am listing down a few things you need to bring while on a long flight.
  1. favorite book/any reading material
  2. Ipod/mp3 player
  3. Small pillow (they do provide pillows but I think an extra pillow is necessary)
  4. jacket/sweater
  5. brush/mirror

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