Internet Finds: Cool WP Themes for Your Blog

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I always want to change the theme of my blog at least once every 2 months or so. It’s not because I hate the current theme that I have but I love changing the look of my blog to match my current mood and to empower my creative side.

However, making a blog theme from scratch is pretty hard since I am not a CSS expert or an HTML whiz. I just rely on blog tutorials and how to’s on the Internet. If all else fails, I check out premade templates. There are a lot of premade templates out there that would suit your mood, blog theme, and even your personality! Plus, premade blog themes are easy to install!

I recently came across a site which features premade wordpress themes. They have cool blog themes that you can choose to enhance your blog aesthetically and increase your blog readership. Plus, it’s free too! Installation of the theme of your choice it also easy! They provide simple instructions that you can easily follow without knowing complicated Internet terms.

I already downloaded this Rainbow Garden wordpress theme for my WP blog Coffee Cup Princess and I will be installing it in a few days. Check out and choose your premade wordpress theme!

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