TV: What are You Watching Right Now?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TV shows these days are becoming crazier and crazier. From reality shows to game shows to countdowns, you name it! I have been glued to the boob tube for a week now and I have seen really strange things.

It seems that celebreality shows have been popping up here and there. There's Keeping up with the Kardashians, Denise Richards: It's Complicated, and Living Lohan to name a few. I thought they didn't want paparazzi to follow them around? Ah well, I quickly change the channel when they are on, anyway.
However, I do love watching countdowns. Not music countdowns but the other countdowns that are available on VH1 or E!. Today, I'm watching the "I Love" reruns. They are currently showing I Love the '70s on VH1. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the '70's since I wasn't born yet but a year ago, they showcased I Love the '80s and I love the '90s which I could relate to. You can't believe what trends that where popular in those days! From fashion, hairdo's, and even movies and music of the day. It's pretty funny since the hosts and commentators? (is that the right term?) poke fun at the '70s.
I Love the '70s is a decade nostalgia television mini-series produced by VH-1. The series is based on a BBC series of the same name. It examines the pop culture of the 1970s,using footage from the era, along with "Where Are They Now?" interviews with celebrities from the decade. Additionally, the show features comedians poking fun at the kitchiness of what was popular. The first episode of the series, I Love 1970, premiered on August 18, 2003. A sequel, I Love the '70s: Volume 2, appeared in the United States on VH-1 beginning on 10 July 2006 (Wikipedia).
Next week they are going to feature the new millennium so it's I Love New Millennium. I'm not going to miss it!

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