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Friday, June 13, 2008

Spaghetti. That's about it! I was making spaghetti yesterday for my mom and realized that this was the only dish that I can make from scratch! I need, as in NEED, to expand my culinary expertise! Lasagna doesn't count because making it is basically like spaghetti. I do know how to bake a few cakes and desserts but that's just about it.
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On another note, I have also promised myself to be soda-free for the entire time I would be staying here. This is because of my quest to lose weight...again. Well, if we do eat out, I guess I can't avoid drinking soda because they don't have Iced tea like we do in the Philippines. However, I have decided not to buy a whole box of Coke in cans and other soda beverages just so I can limit my soda intake.

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