Travels: Traipsing Europe

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Traveling. Isn't that lovely? Of course it is! I love traveling to other places. Unfortunately, finding places to stay that is near to the sights that are worth seeing usually cost $$$'s! Past experiences have taught me to check out the hotels before booking it. Reading guests feedback are also 100% helpful! For you guys who are not frequent travelers, heed my advise: "check the hotels before booking them!" Remember, hotel experiences can be a pain. Checking the hotels online is a MUST for travelers.
Since we haven't had a "formal" honeymoon yet, I'm planning (behind my hubby's back, of course!) of spending it in Paris! Checking out the Eiffel Tower, checking out the Arc de Triomphe, and even viewing the art in the Musée du Louvre! Ahh, experiencing another journey from the book The Da Vinci Code!
If I can't manage a romantic Paris getaway, I can check out London. Since I love Historical Romance, I have already been imagining visiting those beautiful and chilling sights. Checking them out in reality would be the cherry on top of my sundae! I would love to visit the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. The tower is rumored to be haunted and I do love haunted places! I know hubby would appreciate this not so romantic getaway! Of course, checking out Buckingham Palace and the London Eye would be a bonus! Checking out the sights at night would also be grand! With the rumors of places being haunted, this would really make our day…or night!
I’m not familiar with the sights of Manchester. But I did check out their museums and they have quite a handful. I’m also thinking about checking out the Gallery of Costume which is in an old Georgian house and contains a collection of fashions from the 17th century to the present day. Neat! I know my hubby would cringe at the thought.

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