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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long Grain Rice

I'm copying over some of my old noteworthy posts from Coffee Cup Princess. I've already decided to stop posting there as of today. When I would learn how manage a self-hosted Wordpress blog then I would revive that old blog. Unfortunately, I still don't know how. To me, it is rocket science. Here's the actual post:

The Philippines is currently experiencing RICE CRISIS! Yes, you heard me right - RICE and it has now been called The Rice Problem on If you click on this link, you will be showed to a whole page dedicated to articles about our current rice problem. Just yesterday, I bought the cheapest maize (corn) for my dogs and guess what? It's 30 PHP per kilo and it used to be a little below 20 PHP a few weeks ago. I also asked the salesperson how much the cheapest rice was and it's about 40 PHP per kilo - before it was about 20-25 PHP. And I'm talking about the CHEAPEST RICE, and not the imported ones. You could just imagine how much the imported rice CURRENTLY costs.

Now, because of the rice problem another species of thieves arose - the RICE HOARDERS! Can you imagine? Amidst all the crisis, people are still trying to steal more and more. All you hear on the news these days are about thieves! Not just this type of thieves but also from PGMAs administration, to other people in power, to the common tao (person). Everyone has already been starting to be grabby - and I mean GRABBY! If you can imagine the number of sacks of rice being stored for future profit, your eyes wound really pop out.

I used not to think about things like these but since I am now married (blush) and starting to budget our money (I just feel so grown-up), I am now feeling the pain. I can't imagine what other people must be feeling. On the news yesterday, a mother burned her three children just because they spilled a whole kilo of rice on the ground. Desperate situations call for desperate measures must be true in this case. The mothers' explanation was that she just got her ration of NFA rice and she doesn't have money to buy more rice. She also couldn't get the rice from the ground because chickens were already starting to attack them like crazy. See, even the chickens are feeling the crisis!

Pinoy Big Brother

Now, despite this rice problem, useless REALITY SHOWS are starting to pop up here and there (and I'm not just talking about Philippine reality shows). Yes, I'm ranting again, but that's just me. I really don't enjoy watching these shows. Okay, okay, so I do watch those that are worth watching but the others just seem, you know? Selling yourself for cash and the opportunity to be popular and become an actress. Sure, there is no problem about wanting to be popular and wanting to be a celebrity but I just don't get the newest sensation in the Philippines, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus. I mean, from what I've seen so far (I've seen bits and pieces here and there while channel surfing), everything has already been planned from the start. The strategy is: if you find a "love team" on the show, then you are sure to win the BIG BUCKS. Now, I think this is what makes it CHEAP and not worth watching.

To end this rant (I'm very good with this), is a list of other Philippine Reality Shows. Some of them, I've seen and the others, I haven't. Although some of these reality shows benefit those belonging to the lower income bracket, some are simply...STUPID.

  1. Mission X

  2. Wish Ko Lang

  3. Simpleng Hiling

  4. Willingly Yours

  5. Victim

  6. Pilipinas, Game KNB?

  7. Philippine Idol

  8. Star in a Million

  9. Little Big Star

  10. Star Circle Quest

  11. Pinoy Dream Academy


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