Contests: Pinay Mommy's Birthday Bash

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hello fellow bloggers! It has been a wonderful few months for me since I went back into the blogging world. Starting of, this month of July marks my third month to be seriously blogging and managing my blogs. Of course, with the help of some friends and a few bloggers, I am well on my way to having an updated blog.

This month also marks one of my blogger friends, Mommy Ruby’s Birthday Bash. I am happy to announce that she is celebrating her birthday by way of a contest. Advanced happy birthday Pinay Mommy! For those who are interested, these are the mechanics of her contest:

1. Those who have previously joined her Link Me Up Promo will be given 6 credits for each blog that has been linked up in your blog.

2. Those who have committed to become sponsors to her Birthday bash will have their credits forfeited unless they fulfill the major requirement of her Birthday Bash.

Major Requirements for the Birthday Bash:

1. Blog about Pinay Mommy celebrating her birthday in the blogosphere using at least 100 words. In your entry, make sure that you link to this contest post and to this blog’s homepage.

2. At the bottom of your entry, you must link the sponsors of this contest with their giveaways.

You might be asking me: “so, what’s in it for me?” Well, never fear! She has fabulous prizes!

First Prize:

$50 cash – deposited directly into your PayPal Account + 3000 Entrecard credits

Second Prize

$10 cash – deposited directly into your PayPal Account plus 2000 Entrecard credits

Third Prize:

$5 cash – deposited directly into your PayPal Account plus 1000 Entrecard credits

There will also be 20 consolation prizes of 200 Entrecard credits each. To catch her minor requirements and to increase your chances of winning, click HERE for more details.

Don't forget to mention ZRIZ or DERANGED INSANITY when you join her bash. Thank you guys!

~\/~ Birthday Bash Sponsors ~\/~

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