Rantings: Leon & Fergie

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am now done with the project that I was doing and it is now back to the lappy for me! I didn't do my work on my lappy because it's getting a bit slow when I use Adobe Photoshop. However, it seems that my trusty lappy (who has been with me through thick and thin and no connection) is acting up! I think he (my lappy is a guy) got jealous because I didn't pay him any attention for almost two days! Leon's (my lappy's name) revenge: refusing to connect to the Internet! This time, I quoted Ebenezer's "Bah humbag!" because I am one unhappy lappy owner!
Leon has ended my connection two times in the past hour and I had to repair my DNS settings and whatnot. Perhaps Leon needs some good 'ol TLC. Ahhhh....

Okay, I know I'm freaking you out but I do name my stuff (in my own mind, at least). Oh, and for the record, our GPS has been christened the name Fergie!

Naming History a.k.a. Entering Geek Mode:
I call my lappy Leon because he is an HP Pavillion dv8000. Lion sounds weird so I christened him Leon.
Miss GPS is christened Fergie because she is female (yes, that annoying voice that keeps on telling you to make a left turn is getting on my nerves). Incidentally, she is a Magellan GPS system and we all know who Magellan is, right? Ferdinand = Fergie. Get it?!

Okay, end of geek mode! Haha...

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