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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stem cells are found in most multi-cellular beings. These cells have the ability to renew themselves through the process called mitosis. Mitosis is the multiplication of eukaryotic cells which in turn form two daughter cells. I know I’m getting scientific here, but I cannot help it. I guess I was just programmed this way. Just so you know mitosis is the process in which our cells divide and form into new cells, in the case of injuries.
Stem cells have garnered a lot of interest these past few years due to the theory that these cells can be cultured into specialized cells with certain characteristics that are quite similar to various human tissues; a discovery that gives hope to people who are in need of these tissues.
I have recently chanced upon a website that talked about C'elle, an innovative service that provides women with a chance to preserve their stem cells that are harvested from a woman’s menstrual flow during her monthly cycle.

About the Science of C’elle’s innovative service can be found on their website where they talk about the unique properties of menstrual stem cells. They add that these cells have the same characteristics with that of our bone marrow (which is usually where stem cells are harvested).
For more information about C’elle’s services visit the C'elle Client Testimonial page.

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