Vacay Memories

Thursday, August 21, 2008

With breathtaking views as far as the eyes can see, the Grand Canyon is the most beautiful natural wonder that I have ever seen. With different rock formations in amazing reds, browns and yellows, its beauty was amazing. Unmindful of the cold (we went there a few days before the New Year), I immediately took in the scenery. Even though we where there for only a few minutes, it left an everlasting impression on my life.

The very next day, we went and explored the urban scenery of Las Vegas! I find this experience very memorable and fun because it was the first time that I ever visited Sin City and it was also the very first time that I got a run in with the law. Oh, I didn’t do any illegal, if that’s what you were asking but the casino’s security approached me and asked for my ID. I know, I looked like I was barely legal when in fact I was already 21! The “confrontation” started when I was trying my luck on the slot machines and ordered a drink. An alcoholic beverage, mind you, just so I would look “cool.” Unfortunately, the lady (she looked like she was Pinay) didn’t come back and deliver my free drink. I asked her again and this time, security was on my heels, asked for my ID, and yup, I got my drink! So there! When we reached our rooms, we laughed so hard because they thought I looked soooo young. Well, I still am!

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2 deranged screams:

Pinay Mommy August 22, 2008 at 3:24 AM  

wow you got it too!

pero nice kaayo imo pics. gwapa kaayo!

Z'riz August 22, 2008 at 3:34 PM  

hahaha 21 pa ko ani mami :) thanks d ai!

first opp nako ni from PPP after I two months! grrrr!!!