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Monday, September 8, 2008

With an increase in gas prices, basic commodities have followed suit and have increased as well. This is especially hard in countries with lower economies than in the United States. Sometimes, I still can’t comprehend why these people keep on complaining when in fact, they have got it good. I mean, most people can afford to buy food and other basic commodities while in other countries, basic commodity prices are sky high.

I have spent time here in the US and I have realized that a lot of people are deeply in dept. I guess it can be attributed to credit cards. You see, people get tempted to spend more than they earn because they can simply flash their plastic cards and get the items they want without ever spending cold hard cash. This is a big mistake because when the bills come, they still have to pay them. Sure, there are a lot of sales and bargains everywhere, but when these things pile up, they can amount to a lot of money.

Only a few people can spare money for savings. Some even work from paycheck to paycheck and that is not good at all. When this happens, spending money on entertainment and other frivolous things should become second but unfortunately, this is not the case.

Because of the mounting bills, some people opt to consolidate their debts. I didn’t really understand what consolidate debt means but when I surfed over to, they gave me a full explanation of this term.

Consolidating your debt means that you pay off all your debts and make one loan so that you will only be paying one loan as a whole. Sometimes, these loans have lower interest rates than most credit cards so this can work for you as well.

However, always relying on debt consolidation will never solve your problems. What you need to do is save up some money and never touch it until an emergency comes along. With good health care insurance coverage, I suspect touching your stash will be safe for a long time.

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