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Monday, September 1, 2008

A few years ago, making signs on tarpaulin for special occasions, events, and businesses were the thing. It seemed like everyone was paying big bucks to get the best designs and layouts that fit their needs. I admit, I haven’t been one to join in on the bandwagon because I didn’t find a use for these signs. Even on our wedding, we didn’t have them because it didn’t add to the whole theme of our wedding.

When I arrived here in California a few years ago, I noticed that there where many signs and ads everywhere. A lot of businesses seemed to be spending big bucks just to be advertised on buses, bus stop chairs, and others. These must have cost them a lot of money since having only one add is not really that effective; you need to have a lot of ads and distribute it around different parts of the city for you to get enough revenue from these ads.

While doing my blog hopping, I discovered a website that makes yard signs for your advertising and personal needs. The website,, is offering you a variety of choices for your signs; you can choose from a variety of preset designs that they provide you, you can upload your own personal design, or you can even ask them to make your designs for you. Isn’t that great? The prices are affordable too.

Want to get your own signs? Type in YardSigns25 to get 25% Off on your yard signs purchase.

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