Labels and OCD, Get Organized

Monday, September 8, 2008

When I was still in high school, I loved labels. I loved to label everything from my school books to notebooks, to pens and pocket books. It seemed that I was always stamping my signature everywhere (even in the arm chairs and walls) and I admit, I was a vandal.

When I reached college, I started being OCD. Come to think of it, I started being OCD when I was still in grade school! I used to line my books and notebooks in order from the biggest to the smallest in my bag and in my desk. I wasn’t like Monk, though but I was close!

Anyway, when I was in nursing school, I started to receive a lot of junk (yes I call them junk) handouts from our instructors and some handouts from my classmates. Being an OCD that I am, I started stacking them and placing them in file folders with labels on them just so they wouldn’t get lost in the mess. It served me well for a few months until I started receiving more and more useless handouts! I just had to dump some of them in the trash just so I wouldn’t accumulate such junk in my room.

Today, however, the habit of labeling stuff still doesn’t escape me. I sill love to put things in order and well, I am messy even when I am OCD in other aspects so that doesn’t entirely make me super OCD (if that makes sense). One thing that I should have had was the DYMO label maker. You see, it is so easy to make labels out of this device that I cannot believe that I didn’t have one of these things back in the day. It’s portable, and very easy to use and it is ideal for labeling things like file folders, CDs, DVDs, books, notebooks, jars and other stuff around the house that needs labels.

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