Masquerades and Nightmares

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I’ve always wanted to dress up for Halloween. Unfortunately, all my dreams have been dashed one way or another by some teacher who didn’t allow us students to come in our full Halloween regalia.

No matter, I was still daydreaming (?) about getting my Goth costume. No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not Goth, but I do love how they dress up; it’s like my secret desire, if you will.

My first experience of Halloween here in the US was not as good as it should have been. A friend insisted on going to Hollywood & Vine to check out some Halloween action when in fact, the real action was held at a different location. Anyway, we will try and go there this year and I won’t forget to snap photos of it!

Halloween is not a “bright” costume party so getting a “happy” costume is not what I have in mind. I always go for the seductive and dark costumes if I can get away with it! I hope this year I can grab me some and dress up for the occasion!

Getting into the Halloween festivities whether in school, work or at home is fun! Lots of candies, bobbing for apples, blood red punch, that sort of thing, will be what you are going to look out for. Plus, this is a good bonding time for you, your officemates, or your friends!

This time, I will be darkening the doors of halloween costume stores in our area. Yes, I am not taking this thing mildly. If I have to dress up like a Goth Vamp and be with my Edward (I’m still thinking of Twilight!) for this Halloween then that’s what I’ll do. Happy haunting!

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