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Saturday, October 4, 2008

When I signed up for my own checking account a few years ago, I had an option to choose my own personal check design. Cool isn’t it? I thought so because back in the Philippines, you couldn’t choose the design; you have to use the generic design that your bank gives you. Sucks I know, but there was nothing you can do but make do with what they give you. Fortunately, I saw this website and browsed through their gallery and I am already thinking of ordering a set.

For those who have their own business, I have also an answer for you if you need a unique and personalized design for your business checks? Vista Prints is the answer. You can order your own personalized business checks to suit you and your company’s needs.

I’ve actually visited their website and found out that you can upload your own design or logo and use it as your check design. Neat isn’t it? What’s more, if you decide to buy your own set today, just enter this code Checks25 to get 25% off Checks! You could also go ahead an order your own business card and upload your design or monogram of your company. Hurry and order now at

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jona October 6, 2008 at 5:57 PM  

hala, mao gud nigawas pagbutang nako sa code from ur sidebar you have the code for the other banner?