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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I apologize to Miss Julie for not answering her questions for two weeks in a row but I now starting to get back to answering her memes in the future.

What comes to your mind and what do you feel about the lyrics of the song "Welcome to My Life"?

My hubby and me are fans of Simple Plan and we are not strangers to analyzing what each song means. We love doing this and discussing what the among ourselves gives us another reason why we love these songs.

When you hear this song for the first time, you immediately love the beat an d can sing along to the chorus as most of us do. Unfortunately, only a handful take the time to get the lyrics and read them along with the song. More often than not, we just sing along without really understanding what the song is trying to convey.

"Welcome to My Life" is a song that shows teen angst and pain and those that do not belong. These are the kids who need help. Unfortunately, our society doesn't see them as hurting but whose feelings they can simply discount.

I am not a stranger to these hurts when I was still in grade school. The desire to fit in and be loved is always there. Most of you may not know it but I was one of those "lost souls." Oh sure, they said that I was lucky to have almost everything I wanted but I felt that I didn't belong anywhere. I only had a few friends because I wasn't as outgoing as I am today. I was reserved, a loner if you will. My friends, however, didn't know how I felt.

I found salvation in books and my writing. The rest, as they say, is history. But even though I have "found" my way, I still cannot discount those feelings of being alone and unloved. Despite these feelings, I never once thought about ending my life. I am not trying to judge those who used that as a last resort but I am happy to say that I got away form its evil claws.

Children can be cruel sometimes to those who do not fit in. I know of someone who had to transfer to another school the next year because of a handful of students who made fun of her and treated her like a leper. Yes, this things exist and I was a witness to this atrocity. Another incident happened again when we where in high school. It was a different student and the bullies where different as well but it is all the same. Fortunately the student had the guts to tell someone and it was immediately stopped.

To say that I haven't been bullied is an understatement. At the lowest points in my life, I became a victim to two bullies. We're friends now and one is even a close friend but I got over that part by myself. I simply woke up one day and discovered that I had the voice to stand up for myself and hardened my heart not to care about them at all. I also realized that bullies are those who feel great satisfaction in putting someone else down. I rose above them and to this day, I laugh at my naiveté.

Being different is hard as well. I felt that when I was amidst people who I wasn't close to, they tended to judge me. Perhaps it's because we where on a different wavelength but they simply didn't let me in. I didn't mind though. I made friends with a few people at that point and I wasn't one to suck up to a person just because I wanted to be their friend. I hate being plastic and I hate trying to fit in. After all, they where the group who tried to destroy a friend of mine, too. She survived and I know she is better than they are.

To the bullies out there, welcome to my life! I am not afraid anymore and it has been a long time since I was being bullied. You just don't know how it hurts those who are weak but I came away stronger because of it. I will still see you when we have our reunion in three years and I still see you around the city but know this, you didn't break me at all.

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5 deranged screams:

Lurchie October 19, 2008 at 5:24 PM  


yeah, methinks i sensed that angsty part of your demeanor.. although i have to admit you seemed so perfect coz u had everything.

sorry for thinking that way.


Z'riz October 19, 2008 at 6:02 PM  

Aw yeah...it did seem that way. But material things don't really bring about happiness and they usually come with a price...of course, I don't scorn the things that I had but... you know what I mean....

arlene October 19, 2008 at 7:00 PM  

nice thoughts, sis. been there when i was in my 5th and 6th grade. not bullied by kids but my mom. i was mom's stress absorber so you can imagine how lost inside i was. i really swear that time that one day, am going away. hahaha

we laugh about it the other day. befoer this question came up, the memory of the thought "going away" was talked the other day by me mom and my sis and we laugh about it. :)

julie October 19, 2008 at 10:11 PM  

People think that those who have everything are happy but not is not how things are.

Those who bully are very much insecure that's why they do these things to people who are in fact more "superior" to them.

I am glad that you have had the voice to stand up against these people who did bad things against you.

At this time I am shielding my two younger children from the bullies (except of course those they meet here in my work place) but I am prepping them about what would eventually happen if ever they go to a regular school.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, Z and I know that it was not just you who learned from these but people who will read your entry.

You are a strong person and you may not know how but you are. And by that I hope that you will be able to help other people and inspire them.

Thank you :)

Z'riz October 20, 2008 at 10:13 AM  

@Arlene: Wow sis! I can't imagine what it must have been like as I grew up without a mom... :( But I'm glad both of you laugh about it now and you have overcome their bullying. I suppose mom's just do that because they love you.

@Julie: Thank you for the thoughts Miss Julie. It took quite a few years but I stood up to them and now, here I am.

I agree that people who bully others are those who insecure and perhaps they were. I was always outspoken when I was in high school so perhaps that was why I was why they bullied me back then. As to the bullying before? Well, I was just so quiet...but you can't say that about me now!

Thanks again Miss Julie! I hope your children can stand up to themselves against bullies.