Christmas Boo Boos

Friday, December 19, 2008

I was supposed to write about things Christmassy for the whole month of December just to get into the Spirit but I must confess that I have been on a downhill. Not only am I not blogging but I seem to be checking in my Holiday Spirit at the door.

After the sleepless night a few days ago, I seem to be becoming a bit depressed. No matter, I shall not whine about it. I know I can't do anything about things right now.

I'm all for emoting and being a drama queen for awhile. I'm not going mental, mind you, but sometimes, I wish that I am! Hehehehe

Well, so much for that. We have planned to just go to the movies for Christmas. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is on and I am looking forward to see it (I hear it's gonna be really good).

On another note, I have noticed that Friendster has been having problems with viruses and whatnot. I'm not a huge huge fan of social networking sites anymore but I just keep it just to keep in touch with old friends and classmates. Anyhow, it does seem like they haven't fixed this problem because I noticed that this has been going on for about two weeks now. Well, no matter, there is always Multiply.

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