The Deathly Hallows

Sunday, July 22, 2007

24 hours and a lot of distractions later and the final book is over! I've read it all! Ohhhh, I was practically like a kid on Christmas morning, salivating over the bundles of gifts under the tree just for me! I just can't believe that it's finally over! I never expected some of the things that took place in the book, although I guessed some parts of it right.
Thank God I never listened to all those false rumors circulating through text messages and through the internet! All of those where all wrong!
In this final chapter of Harry,
Hermione, and Ron's life, everything has been explained and finally, my questions have been answered! Where did Snape's loyalties lie? Why did he kill Dumbledore? Who is RAB? Did Ron die? Hermione? Harry? (Well! These where the of the 3 died...oh well!) Who else will die? What were the reamaining Horcruxes? If Harry lives, will Ginny and Him get back together? Will Ron and Hermione get together? Yes I'm going to answer all these questions! hahahaha SPOILER ALERT! So for those of you who would rather not read further than I suggest you quickly click the close button or click the back button because I'm about to spill the beans! I just can't take this anymore! I'm bursting with the news! So here goes! Remember for those of you who haven't read the book yet you have been given enough warning. SPOILER ahead!

Where did Snape's loyalties lie?
As a matter of fact, Severus Snape was Dumbledore's man! He was indeed spying for Dumbledore and even giving the Drak Lord information about the Order's plans at Dumbledore's request. This is partly because Severus was neighbor's with Lily Evan's long before they ever went to Hogwarts! In fact, it was hinted that they were best of friends! This was revealed when Harry went into Snape's pensieve after Snape was killed by Lord Voldemort and saw bits and pieces of Snape's life. The phrase, "You have you're mother's eyes," really important because this is what made Snape Dumbledore's man. Since Snape was really in love with Lily, now Lily Potter, he begged the Dark Lord that he would not want Lily to be hurt or killed when Voldemort would attack the Potters. Yes, Snape did loathe James but he loved Lily. In another memory, it was revealed that Snape pleaded with Dumbledore to save Lily Potter. Since James trusted Wormtail (Peter Petigrew), their secret keeper, Voldemort was able to penetrate the defenses at Godric's Hallow and kill the Potters, except Harry, of course. Since they died, Dumbledore made a bargain with Snape that they would protect Harry because of what Lily did - she died trying to save Harry. Dumbledore also let slip that Harry has "his mother's eyes" which, for me, cinched the deal for me. It was also later revealed, via the pensieve, that Snape was actually getting to be fond of Harry, although he kept seeing bits of James in Harry and his hate resurfaced. Snape died in the Shrieking Shack, killed by Voldemort with Harry under the invisibility cloak a witness to his death. When Voldemort departed the shack soon after, Harry approached Snape and his last words where "look at me." I believe Snape was seeing Lily again, through Harry's eyes.

Why did he (Snape) kill Dumbledore?
This was because of Dumbledore's orders! How amazing is that?! In the Half Blood Prince, Dumbledore was begging Snape and calling out "Severus..." in a weak voice because it meant that it was time for Snape to do his job and kill him. It was revealed again through the pensieve that Dumbledore only had about a year left to live because of what happened whan he destroyed the Gaunt ring, Voldemort's Horcrux. It was at this time that Dumbledore realized that the ring was indeed a Resurection Stone, one of the Deathly Hallows. This stone would enable the dead to live again but not as a complete human or a ghost. It was described that they would be more or less like Inferi but not evil, depending on the bearer of the stone. This book revealed the hidden life of Albus Dumbledore and what he was before he became the greatest wizard. In fact, Dumbledore was friends with the evil wizard Grindelwald who he defeated (as stated in the chocolate frog card). It was during this time, after Dumbledore's mother Kendra died that he met Grindelwald (he was Bathilda Bogshot's nephew) in Dumbledore's hometown Godric's Hallow (eh? Harry lived there, too!). Because they were both exceptional wizards and around the same age, so they became fast friends. It was at this point in Dumbledore's life that they sought out the Deahtly Hallows, the three objects that would conquer Death itself. These object where the Invisibility Cloak (Harry's!), the Resurection Stone (Marvolo Gaunt), and the Elder Wand (Dumbledore's own wand after he defeated Grindelwald). Aberforth, Albus' brother was also mentioned (he is the bar keeper at Hog's Head) because he saved Harry's life two times! Albus and Aberforth's life as brothers were also revealed (in Rita Skeeter's biography of Dumbledore which was surprisingly true). Dumbledore's sister Ariana was also mentioned because she became quite mad when Muggles attacked her when she was still a child and performed magic unknowingly. This was also the reason why Albus's father got sent to Azkaban where he later died, because he killed the 3 Muggle boys who terrorized his daughter. I mentioned this because his sister is precisely why Dumbledore refused to become Minister of Magic, and why Dumbledore died. Dumbledore confided to Harry (this was when Harry was hit by Voldemort before the final battle began) that he blamed himself for Ariana's death. He wasn't sure which of them killed her (Grindelwald, Aberforth, and Albus where involved in a duel). It was at this point that Dumbledore realized that he was not the person to have authority or power because he himself craved power. This was also why he died - because he wore the Gaunt ring, Voldemorts Horcrux, which was also the Resurection Stone. I think he wore it because of guilt. He wanted to say he was sorry to his parents and his sister about what happened. He blamed himself for their deaths. The story was sketchy after that but it was revealed that Snape treated Dumbledore and told him that the curse was very powerful and would grow more powerful as time went buy until it would consume him. So basically, Dumbledore signed his own death warant. Dumbledore ordered Snape to kill him (as what happened in Book 6) when the time was right for him to die. This was also precisely why Dumbledore taught Harry about the Horcruxes.

Who is R.A.B.?

R.A.B. is in fact Regulus Arcturus Black! Serius' own brother, the Death Eater! It was revealed that after joining the Death Eater's he regretted his decision and decided to fool Voldemort! It was then decided that he would volunteer his house elf, Kreacher as ginea pig to Voldemort's Horcrux, the one in the middle of the lake. It was Kreacher who drank the liquid before Voldemort placed the necklace inside and left Kreacher there. Since Regulus knew about this, he summoned his elf back and hatched a plan to steal the Horcrux and destroy it. As explained by Dumbledore, Voldemort never realized that an elf could escape his defenses since he never thought about those beneath him which was a wrong move on Voldemort's part. Anyway, Regulus went back into the cave with Kreacher and drank the poison, asked Kreacher to take the necklace and then replace it with a fake one with a note that he took it (see Book 6). He ordered Kreacher to destroy it and leave him there to die. Of course the Horcux cannot be destroyed by anything except those rare and magical stuff (ha! I forgot what they where! I can only remember that a Basilisk Venom and Godric Griffyndoor's sword could destroy it). Anyway, the locket wasn't destroyed and was stolen by Mandungus and was bought by Umbridge!

Will Rone, Hermione, Harry die?

No of course not! And I don't need to elaborate on that! Although, they never went back to school and they were part of Dumbledore's will. Harry got a snitch, Ron got a Deluminator, and Hermione got a book of Children's Stories. All these will prove crucial and relevant to the defeat of Voldemort and the recovery of the Deathly Hallows.

Who else will die?
I'll just list down all the characters mentioned in the previous books. There where deaths of new characters but I'll just concentrate on the old ones.
Hedwig, Harry's bird, died when he was leaving Number 4 Privet Drive
Alastor "Mad-eye" Moody
Dobby the house elf
Remus Lupin
Colin Creevy
Fred Weasley

What where the remaining Horcuxes?
The first of the Horcruxes where the Diary, the Gaunt ring, the necklacem and Nagini the snake. All of these were mentioned in the previos books.
The 5th Horcrux was Hufflepuff's cup which was locked inside the Lestrange's vault at Gringott's where Harry, Ron, and Hermione stole it.
The 6th Horcux was Ravenclaw's Tiara hidden at Hogwarts in the Room of Requirement.
The 7th and final Horcrux is Harry! It was during the fight at Godric's Hallow that a part of Voldemort's soul attached to Harry. This was the reason why Harry could see into the thoughts of Voldemort (this has been happening quite frequently in this book but this was also to Harry's advantage). the Horcrux Harry was defeated when he submitted himself to Voldemort and was killed! But there was a flaw! Harry wasn't killed at all! It was Voldemort's soul that was in Harry that was destroyed! As revealed in Book 4 (The Goblet of Fire), Voldemort took Harry's blood. He didn't know that Harry was still protected by his mother. Remember, Lily gave her life for Harry and Harry's blood was already inside Voldemort. He didn't realize this because he didn't understand love. When Harry gave himself up to Voldemort and submitted himself to be killed so that no one else would die on his behalf, he also did what his mother did. He protected all the poeople at Hogwarts. Again, Harry didn't die because it was Voldemort's soul that was destroyed because Voldemort still coundn't kill Harry because Harry's blood was inside Voldemort's.

If Harry lives, will Ginny and Harry get back together? Will Ron and Hermione get together?
Actually, the Epilogue happened 19 years later. Harry indeed married Ginny and they had three kids. The eldest is named James. The second is named Albus Severus (he also had Lily's eyes!). The youngest is named Lily. Ron and Hermione also got married and had two kids: Rose and Hugo. It was also during the war that Remus and Tonks gave birth to a son Teddy. Even though they died, they still left a son with Harry being the Godfather!

Okay! that's it! For now! I still need time to digest what I just read plus I still have to make NCPs and FHPs and prepare for our SHT tomorrow! Whew! What a life! Oh Albus said.... FOR THE GREATER GOOD....

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