The FLY in my SOUP!

Monday, July 30, 2007

So you think all the fastfoods in Dumaguete are SAFE? Well, think AGAIN!
This is the fly in my soup!

Last Sunday was the WORST meal I have ever eaten! You're asking me why? There was a BIG FAT FLY on my soup! And the worst thing is, I didn't even complain to the management because I was just so damn SHOCKED about what I witnessed! We just left the place and didn't finish our meal! I mean, who could eat the food when you know that there was a fly floating around your soup?!
The thing is, I also ordered Flan and noticed that the wrapped styro plate with the Flan had a piece of hair in it. Since I was at the cash register, I asked that my Flan be exchanged with a CLEANER one and of course, they complied. It was just a shock to me that I saw a FLY in my soup that same day! God knows how many people ordered the soup! Whew! It was just by sheer luck that I transfered some of the veggies from the soup on my plate because if I didn't, I wouldn't have SEEN the fly! GROSS! I've learned my lesson, and I hope next time when this happens, I would have the guts to tell the management that there's a FLY in the SOUP! How disgusting! It's just so obvious that they weren't paying attention to their food handling. It's just too sad that our city doesn't check every month or two the condition of our fastfoods and restaurants in the area. It's just so sad.
Next time, WATCH what you eat!

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