Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pwede! dili gyud pwede ug after intrams na? nag cramming na ming tanan! wala pud ni sila'y klaro pud oi! The orientation should have been done weeks before not this afternoon! And to think, defense would be on monday and we ARE the LUCKIEST one's to be the first! PLUS, we weren't the one's who picked out our number for the order of presentation! What's more, it was done while we were not present at all and we were just told last week that we would be the first on November 19! How unfair can you get?!
If anyone connected to SUCN will read this I have no fear because what I say is absolutely correct. As students, they should have thought that it would be impossible for us to be prepared in such a short ammount of time when we also didn't know what to expect during the defense! They should also consider that NURSING is not OUR LIFE! We have prior engagements and other things to do other than NURSING and I really hate the fact that some teachers just send us text messages to inform us that they would be meeting us ASAP or there would be changes in schedule. That is so unprofessional! Sure, this is the dawn of the technology pero dili pud dagway textan ka na inyong CI nga see you at 8am nya 7:30am na?! Plus dili pa gud maabot dayon ang chain text! How unprofessional can you get! I have nothing agaisnt texting students pero please lang! Ayaw pud lamang ug text ug kanang hapit na pud mag meet...mga at lest 5 hours before the time unta...or text the day before or the night, for that matter.


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