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Friday, May 30, 2008 is online! Want to earn more from your blog? Hop over to SocialSpark and sign up. Not only do you get amazing opportunities to blog about what you love, you also get to meet people and surf through their blogs. In other words, they pay you to do something that you already love doing! How cool is that?!

I especially love their feature where you can prop and drop at the profiles and blogs of fellow sparkers! SocialSpark also enables you to fave blogs and profiles that you frequently visit while enabling you to flag those that have adult/hate content. They also have a new ranking system – Izea ranks, which they call the real rank. I really don’t know how this new ranking system works but it seems to be pretty good. To sign up, just head over at and they will do the rest. While you’re at it, you can also visit my SocialSpark profile HERE and check out my blog Deranged Insanity. Prop it if you like and leave a message then I'll drop by yours, too.

Unfortunately, my blog still hasn’t been approved by Social Spark. I had already submitted it for almost a week now and it still has not been approved. Perhaps this might be because there are already a lot of blogs queuing up for approval. I still haven’t gotten any opportunities too because my blog has not been approved yet and I’m still waiting for it. However, my friend Pinay Mommy already has her blog approved so hop over to her page and ask her for the details.

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