A Few More Days

Monday, June 2, 2008

I only have a few days left here in Dumaguete then it's bye bye Philippines hello United States. I'm currently experiencing bittersweet emotions here. I am excited to leave and start a new life for me in the US unfortunately, this means that I would leave my hubby of 2 months behind. This is really hard for me. Well, we did try this before back in '06 when I stayed in the US for almost a year. We were still dating at that time so I guess this time won't be different.
Leaving is always hard for me. Not only to I detest leaving the people I love behind, I also loathe packing and I am always postponing it up to the last minute! Ha! Things really get left behind in this case but I am making sure that the essentials would be packed and ready to go before June 10.

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