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Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm an avid Historical Romance reader and I've acquired a few Ebooks related to this genre from different romance authors.
This book is one of my favorites written by Lisa Kleypas. Again the Magic is about an earl's daughter Aline and an orphan servant John McKenna. When their budding romance is discovered by Aline's father, McKenna is banished from their estate. To protect McKenna's life, Aline lies to him making him believe that she doesn't love him and is rejecting him because of his lowly status. McKenna leaves England and becomes a real estate tycoon in Mew York City and return to Aline's life with plans of revenge. However, previous events keep secrets between Aline and McKenna and further complicates their relationship.

Here's the free Ebook in Microsoft Reader format: Again the Magic
If you don't have the Microsoft Reader you can also download it here.

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