123s of Saving Money

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Many people have probably been finding ways to save money. It seems like every where we look; prices seem to be sky rocketing like crazy. To the filthy rich, these may be paltry problems that they can simply solve with money, but for us middle class citizens, money is a necessary evil that we must grab at all costs.
There are a lot of ways to ensure that we can save money to ensure that we have some stashed away for a rainy day.
  1. Open a savings account. Gone are the days that we put pennies in the piggy bank. I know I frequently sneak some money out of my supposed savings in the piggy bank! As much as possible, try not to dip into your savings account for entertainment stuff, doing so would defeat the purpose of getting the account in the first place.
  2. Maintain at least one credit card and at most two. With the introduction of the credit card, we feel like we have a lot of money; in a sense that we don’t actually use money when we shop which tricks our brain that we aren’t using money at all. In the end, we spend more than we can afford to pay. By keeping credit cards to a minimum, you limit your spending, thereby decreasing your monthly credit card payments.
  3. Take the bus or the train to work. I know public transportation is a pain but it is necessary if you want to save money. With gas prices sky rocketing every few weeks, driving around seems to eat out the bulk of our cash. Plus, you can get a monthly bus/train pass for a minimal amount so it’s not going to be a big expenditure on your part.
  4. Check out the weekly ads. Yep, scrounging around the ads section will help you save money for food and other household necessities.
  5. Limit your shopping. It is just too tempting for words not to buy an article at the regular prize! Dressing up like celebrities seems to boost up our egos but it doesn’t help us much in the financial department. By checking out the clearance section, you can grab gorgeous outfits at a fraction of the cost thereby giving you debt relief.
  6. Debt consolidation is also a last resort. If bills seem to be pilling up at an alarming rate, consolidating your debt may be an option because you may be able to pay off your other debts and secure a lower interest rate or a fixed interest rate. This may not be a good practice, however but if you are really desperate, this can be an option.
  7. If you are in debt, don’t hesitate to ask for help, debt help, if you will. Often, we tend to keep our money problems a secret because it is embarrassing. But if you tap the right people and ask for advice, you may become debt free!

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