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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred

I am quite average when it comes to typing. However, I do not type using the touch system. I guess this stems to the fact that I refused to practice typing using the traditional type writer during our class in grade school.

Sure, I am a passable typist and I can type without staring at the keys at all but I am not using all my five fingers on the right keys! Embarrassing, I know but hey, that’s life. I’ve seen quite a few who are worse than me and can only type using two fingers! I kid, you not!

On this note, I tried out Dragon’s typing speed test! Nah, I didn’t even fair well at all! So, why am I talking about typing? Well, it’s because I found out a new program called Dragon Naturally Speaking which can transcribe your voice at a 150 words per minute! What’s more, it can even transcribe any wav or mp3 file for you. Now that is something since my typing speed can never keep up with my thoughts!

MacSpeech Dictate

I know it would be very convenient for us to have this program since it basically transcribes what you want to write about. There would be no need to type in the letters which would make your thoughts flow smoothly.

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