Monthly Round-up: September

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A month has come and gone and surprisingly, it passed by like a blink of an eye. Sure, there were a lot of things that happened along the way but I would like to recall all the things I did last month and add things that I did this month. I think it kind of puts my life into a new perspective, don't you think? Well, I just want to see what I have accomplished this month and if I followed through with my plans for this month.

What happened in August
  • enrolled at Global NCLEX Review Center [last Saturday was the last day of our class and I learned a lot of strategies from Miss Thelma Macabeo. I know her strategies in answering the NCLEX exam are the best!]
  • finally met a few Bisaya speaking friends [finally I made quite a few friends from my study group from the review. We're planning to go to Universal Studios this Saturday. I hope we can make it.]
  • I finally gave up drinking soda I am still struggling to give up soda but for the record, I don't drink it as much as I did before!
  • finished two ALL Stephenie Meyer Twilight Series books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn) and the draft of Midnight Sun
What happened in September
  • It's hubby's birthday on the 28th! I wasn't able to attend [obviously] but I made a slew of phone calls his way, made a digital scrap page for him and then some [it was mushy, really] and Pyertubs replied [tear jerker]!
  • possibly buy my own Nikon D SLR (I'm crossing my fingers) bought my own Nikon D40 SLR
  • will probably enrolled in a photography class at L.A. Valley College [basic Photography]
  • will probably create a book review blog with Lurchie and Ehn (we haven't talked about this one yet) finally created our book review blog Books Books Books!
  • lose weight (but not by much!) still the same weight. Lost a couple of pounds but nothing major.
  • Went to the Japanese Gardens in Van Nuys, California
  • got the hang of my SLR but still practicing
  • Went to the Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, California [post later]
  • Ate a lot of Chinese food
  • Re-opened my deviantart profile, multiply account, and flickr account
What will happen in October
  • hopefully get my eligibility from the Board of Nursing (crossing my fingers and then crossing them again)
  • I would really, really, REALLY want to dress up for Halloween [sexy witch or seductive pirate costume]
  • go to Universal Studios on Saturday
  • take a slew of photographs to hone my skills [char!]
Hmm... I guess that's it then! I'm having trouble remembering what I want to do next month! I hope I'll have more things to do in the coming weeks.

Ciao all!

October Calendar from Digital Scrapbook Place

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