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Sunday, January 4, 2009

What are you looking forward to in 2009?

There seems to be a lot of things I am "possibly" looking forward to in 2009 but I am quite hesitant to share some of them for fear of jinxing them. I know that sounds so superstitious, but a little bit of superstition never hurt anybody, right? Well, seeing as I am not planning to list down my New Year's Resolutions, I would highlight instead, things that I will be wishing for in 2009.

For those who are following my blog, I bet you already know what tops this list, eh? Although I will leave it unsaid, it is still foremost in my mind. I am still a bit hesitant to say it because I still have my fingers crossed on this one.

I am also anticipating for the big move! Oh, I'm not going anywhere but my blog(s) is/are (I'm still unsure if I will transfer one or both of them)! That's right, I am already planning to move my blogs to WordPress and getting it self-hosted. I've been getting shouts of 'I'll help you transfer your blog" and "I'll teach you how to work your cpanel" from some of my close friends so I'm feeling quite confident with this move.

In preparation for this move, I have already successfully set up 2 self hosted WordPress blogs: Z Dark Room and Z Pink Boudoir, where I will showcase my photos and digital scraps respectively. Both of the blogs are not yet fully functional since I am still in the process of revamping them.

[I'd rather keep this one private]

I already started typing in a paragraph above but decided on keeping it private, a personal wish for 2009, if you will, so I hope you'll understand. I have a few thoughts about family and relationships to look forward to but again, those are best left unspoken err unwritten.

Thinking about what has happened in 2008 also made me realize that perhaps, I am ready to take another step in my life. Although at present, that is still impossible, it doesn't hurt to hope, right?

What are you looking forward to? World peace? An Improvement in the world economy? Those are in high order but I suspect, hard to achieve as of this moment. I know things will become worse before they get better. In fact, I hear that the year 2008 was already compared to "The Great Drepression" that happened in 1929. Since it spanned for about 10 years, I can see that our economic problems are bound to get worse before they get better.

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julie January 4, 2009 at 3:58 AM  

It is nice to wish for world peace and improved world economy but everything else should start in small wishes and hopes that ca r attainable. In due time, we will of course work harder to make things better not just for ourselves but for others as well.

Thanks Z and I wish you the best for 2009!

Thank you for the answers, the candidness, the honesty and the virtual friendship :)

mommy elvz January 6, 2009 at 5:55 PM  

Happy New year Zriz!

I read you already have some posts about new year's resolution maybe pwede pang ihabol itong tag ko..hehe


Hope u can grab it. thanks!

maiylah January 6, 2009 at 6:40 PM  

transferring to wp? good luck, sis! :)

happy new year!

Z'riz January 7, 2009 at 2:17 PM  

@Julie: yup I know we should start small...but I think our hopes should be big! hehehehe

@Mommy Elvz: thanks for the tag..I'll try to do it...

@Maiylah: Thanks sis! Hopefully it will be fully set up na..