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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I admit that I am a certified deviant. I think I have already been branded as someone who doesn't seem to follow rules and policies and still, I get away with it...just barely. I do not recommend this habit, however but since I have started to be with the College of Nursing in my school I seem to be running into a few troubles regarding school policies. I am not saying that I intentionally go out of my way to get into trouble but trouble seems to be in a habit of finding me.
Here are a few of my faux pas regarding our school's policies:
  1. Dress Code: Outside of the RLE areas, all my school here students regardless of level are encouraged to use the my school here uniform daily while attending lectures, leclab or skills lab activities. A standard my school here uniform includes my school here T-shirt, official school ID, dark colored pants, and an appropriate footwear. After the third reminder for non-compliance, the student shall write an explanation for ones behavior and to see the Dean of my school here. With the new "wearing of slippers" trend these days, we seem to be at a disadvantage! We cannot wear any footwear relating to rubber no matter how expensive it may be e.g. Havaianas Slippers. Incidentally, if you wear Havaianas High Slippers (that's the two-three inch wedge slippers) no instructor will reprimand you even if it is still rubber slippers. Hmm...I wonder.... Of course, any sandals visually resembling rubber slippers will automatically be called slippers and your attention will be called. As there are flat sandals that look like flip flops, I sometimes get away with it. Being the deviant that I am, I refuse to wear the my school here T-shirt. Instead, I wear plain whites which is allowed, by the way. When I also say T-shirt, that means any shirt with sleeves - No sleeveless, and spaghetti tops allowed; no shorts, or short skirts allowed, too. I draw the line when it comes to shorts, though but a few years ago, I did go to school in shorts, slippers, and a spaghetti top. That was before I transferred to the new college and I also had our instructor's blessing since it was summer and he was a pretty carefree teacher. He did say that he will allow us to wear them since he will be wearing shorts and slippers since it was summer. Nice! Well, he doesn't belong to our college and he taught Literature over at the English Department so he doesn't really count. Of course, we have some CI's who blatantly wear sleeveless blouses during lectures until recently. Perhaps their attention had already been called.
  2. Change of Status: Any student who plans to change status within the school year must inform the Dean. Any student who gets married within the semester must present a marriage certificate to the Dean right after marriage (upon return if student has filed a Leave of Absence). Failure to inform the Dean's office means full accountability as regards to questions related to records. Most of you might not know it but I got married last March right after graduation. I emphasize on the after. Being the deviant that I am, I didn't inform the college as I was not also going to change my records because it would be a pain when it comes to the filling and such since I got married after receiving my college diploma. However, that is frowned upon in our college. The coordinator told me (not quoted) that it is not the issue of changing the records, it is about what people think. The thing is, you are already living with this man and someone who doesn't know might see you and think impure thoughts regarding the matter since they didn't know that you got married. I should have answered her this way: "Hell yeah! If that person didn't know I got married, that means he/she is not an important person in my life therefore doesn't deserve the information about my marriage. And if that is the case, then I have been thinking a lot of impure thoughts regarding people who are indeed married because they haven't told me that they were married. And besides, I got married after graduation, not within the semester." Well I didn't say that but I was thinking it. I just swallowed my pride and submitted a letter of explanation why I didn't inform them.This was also posted, to my utter amazement, at the doorway of the classroom where the instructors were doing their advising for the enrollment. Ha! And yesterday I was wearing my jean skirt! At least my attention wasn't called when I was in college premises. I just wasn't entertained. I found a guinea pig who did all the work for me, though! Of course, I have to make spaghetti for her, but she's getting all my papers signed so no biggie, I can still cook for her.

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2 deranged screams:

shenzee June 4, 2008 at 6:21 PM  

hahahahhahha had my share of deviant moments during college and days and MOSTLY during my working days at SPi.. hehehehe breaking rules is fun! :)

Z'riz June 4, 2008 at 9:20 PM  

nyahahaha mao! deviance is an art dear...hahahahaha :) daghan pa ko'g madugang ani unta...pero taas na..mao ni ang latest...hahahaha :D