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Friday, July 18, 2008

In 1996, I wasn’t that interested in computers and the Internet. Well, we did have a really old one that was bought in the early ‘90s for business purposes, and it wasn’t as user friendly as you think!
Back then, the only time we were able to even touch a computer was in class. For one full grading period, we were privileged to grace the hallowed walls of the computer center and touch the, then alien, computer. We were taught the basics. Everything was still in black and white; DOS. When we started printing our stuff, I remember a classmate who was quite a know-it-all. Oh, who can blame her? She was probably the only one in our class who had a personal computer!
When I was a freshman a year later, Windows 95 was already up. Most of us had personal computers and had developed quite a little knowledge with the program and had started experimenting with the Internet. Well, there is always a witch in the story; go figure. Our computer teacher was such a pain. Sure, she was an IT graduate and taught us the basics but we couldn’t take her snide comments and veiled insults. So, we didn’t know much about computers? So, we had to ask her about really simple stuff? Well, she was our teacher and she had to answer us minus the remarks, too! Luckily, she was gone the next year.
It has been years since I thought of my prehistoric computer and Internet beginnings and I think I have become quite adept at this computer stuff. Oh, I’m not an expert but still, there is still time to better myself. I am also contemplating on getting a Cisco certification and getting some IT courses. What’s more, I can take these courses right at my home. There has been a growing demand of IT professionals all over the world so opportunities are great.
Whether it’s for a new career path or just for the heck of learning more, getting a Cisco certification may be the answer.

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2 deranged screams:

rhardo July 21, 2008 at 11:35 PM  

wahahaha... kinsa ni nga teacher? si dako og si gamay? wihihihi... ah... those were the days...

Z'riz July 21, 2008 at 11:59 PM  

korekik dhe! nyahahahaha