Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's been awhile! Ha! Just because my damned broadband wasn't working! Globelines!!! Arrrgghhh! Whenever there's a blasted wind there is bound to be NO SIGNAL whatsoever! And to top it off, things had been happening around me that I just counldn't find time to blah blah blah about what has been happening to my life....

The Lowdown on my Life - Resently it's been CrAzY!
1. Escape from Alcatraz
I didn't manage to escape or sneak out during the Acquaintance party. They said I had to be picked up by my parents. MY PARENTS?! For heaven's sake! I'm 23 and I don't need blasted parents to pick me up! To top off that night, it was raining like crazy! Heck! During the party, the lights went out! Woohoo! Like duh! Who knew! Summed up, it was the worst night of my life!

2. Sabbath, Bloody Bloody Sabbath
For the first time in my life, I was able to witness a birth through cesarean section. It was my first time to see an actual major operation at the NOPH Operating Room last July 3. Nice! What entranced me were the tissues! Adipose tissues anyone? It's just like real pork meat....only it's human meat! Errrmmm..... blah blah blah

3. Baby's Day Out
It's babby Frankie's Christening! Yay! Nakakita na gyud ko sa bata oi! And si Sophie?! Ha! Bugay kaayo! hehehe I'm sure liwat kaayo ni Mommy Lurchie!

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